Ryan Babel speaks out on Twitter

Ryan Babel announced on Twitter that he was not traveling for the Stoke game as Rafa hadn’t picked him.

His rant unfolded like this:

@RyanBabel Good rainy morning, Melwood now… Training.. Later on the day traveling to Stoke ..

2 hours later….
@RyanBabel Hey people, I got some disappointing news, I m not travelling 2 Stoke.. The Boss left me out the squad. No explanation..

Another 2 hours later
@RyanBabel What happend after a first good season? Scoring 10 goals, being young talent of the year, and then second and this season don’t play at all?

@RyanBabel I can tell everybody, I have never had a argue or a fight with the manager… I always kept quiet… So for me its also a question ..

@RyanBabel Where did it go wrong??? .. Well obv you have people who support me and don’t support me.. That’s all good.. I believe in myself..

@RyanBabel And one day, you will see what I m capable off, will it be at LFC or somewhere else… I have faith…

@RyanBabel And hey, I m not scared to share this with you guys.. Cause its the truth.. And there r no secrets.. !!!

@RyanBabel In a football career you have ups and downs… Every player has them..

@RyanBabel So the day will come def.. When I will do well everyday… ! So don’t worry.. God is good, yes he is !

Maybe he’s as confused as a lot of people, with Gerrard, Torres and Benayoun out, that he’s not even on the bench!