Hutnik Krakow Sexy Polish female fans get naked for 2012 calendar

We came across this today as featured in The Metro, some beautiful female fans have striped off to help raise money for their struggling club, the girls are supporters of Polish football team Hutnik Krakow, who currently play in IV liga in Poland, they have previously gone out of business due to crippling debts.

Maybe this will help them stay afloat this time 🙂

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Carlos Tevez refuses to play for Manchester City against Bayern Munich

Carlos Tevez refuses to playRoberto Mancini has revealed that striker Carlos Tevez refused to come onto the pitch in Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League defeat against Bayern Munich.

With Manchester City 2-0 down, Tevez let his side down after staying on the bench and refusing to enter the pitch, he may now never play for the club again after Mancini told Sky Sports HD2 “I can’t accept this one player refusing to go on.”

Carlos Tevez, you are a knob!

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