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Real Madrid up to £178m so far….

How much more are they going to spend? With them being linked to players like Xabi Alonso and David Villa still it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down soon.

So far Real Madrid have bought the following players:

Kaka – £56m (AC Milan)
Ronaldo – £80m (Manchester United)
Albiol – £12m (Valencia)
Benzema – £30m (Lyon)

Manchester United reported that they received the £80m for Ronaldo in a lump sum, I wonder where the money is coming from, the Real Madrid sales team better get out selling some shirts in the street now to pay for this little lot and any other friends that join them 🙂

What else can you buy for £80m?

After Ronaldo’s record breaking move to Real Madrid for £80m I thought it would be fun to see what £80m could buy you instead of a Portuguese Winker.

2,000,500 new Man Utd Shirts  – So Perez this is the approx amount you need to sell of Ronaldo Shirts to get your money back.

80% of Newcastle United

40,201,005 KFC snack boxes Mmmmmmm

1 Centre Court roof at Wimbledon

4 Year Sponsorship of Man United Shirts – AON

77 Bugatti Veyrons

69,625 Apple MacBook Air

2,051,808 Family Tours of Old Trafford