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Real Madrid up to £178m so far….

How much more are they going to spend? With them being linked to players like Xabi Alonso and David Villa still it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down soon.

So far Real Madrid have bought the following players:

Kaka – £56m (AC Milan)
Ronaldo – £80m (Manchester United)
Albiol – £12m (Valencia)
Benzema – £30m (Lyon)

Manchester United reported that they received the £80m for Ronaldo in a lump sum, I wonder where the money is coming from, the Real Madrid sales team better get out selling some shirts in the street now to pay for this little lot and any other friends that join them 🙂

Michael Fialka and the Southampton Takeover

So the supposed ‘money man’ in the takeover of Southampton FC made himself known yesterday on sky sports, this has led to a lot of Saints fans being cynical as they can not find out anything about this guy on the internet and a look into companies house records show he has directorships at a couple of companies whose combined turnover is around £100k!

Now Pinnacle frontman Tony Lynam seems to have amended his claim that there was one backer with substantial wealth to there being ‘a number of backers’, so is Fialka another frontman for someone else, how many frontmen do they need?

An article with a bit more depth can be found here at – Who is Michael Fialka

Oliver Kapo gives Boot Boy his Mercedes as a tip

Birmingham City apprentice James McPike got more than he bargained for when he asked Oliver Kapo for his boots as a memento to the season.

Instead of his old boots Kapo gave McPike the keys to his £30,000 Mercedes Benz, Kapo even drove him home to collect the spare keys and documentation and  will even pay for the first years insurance after McPike said he couldn’t afford it.

It’s a funny old game!

Zidane has never heard of Tottenham Hotspur

A great little article in the Daily Mail today says that Zinedine Zidane was rejected by Spurs as a teenager because Gerry Francis branded him ‘too wooden’.

Apparently, when Zidane was asked this week about his trial with the north London club he looked confused and said “who”?

His translator apologised and explained: “I don’t think he has heard of Tottenham Hotspur.”

I’m sure now he’s glad he was turned down by Spurs, he’s had a career anyone who plays football would dream of!