An Infographic Look At UEFA Euro 2012

The 2012 European Championships was watched by millions of people all over Europe and the rest of the world, as football fans tuned in to see how their national team fared against the best in Europe. Whilst you might argue that Euro 2012 wasn’t the most exciting international tournament there has ever been, it was a record-breaking affair that saw the Spanish national team cement their dominance over the sport. 

Now that the tournament has finished, focus has switched to the statistics from the tournament – who were the highest performing players? Who were the most disappointing players? What records were broken? Exactly how dominant were the Spanish team? What was the best game? What was the biggest upset? 

All these questions have been answered (as well as scores of others), with the ‘Infographic Look At Euro 2012’, put together by the team over at Golden Riviera Casino. The infographic looks at the top XI (and the worst XI), as well as the best game, biggest upset, general statistics from the tournament and individual stats for England, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

Infographic researched and designed by Golden Riviera Casino

An infographic look at Euro 2012