From Mob Football to the World Cup

Football is the most watched sport in the world, find out how it has grown from it’s grass roots as a mob sport over 100 years ago in to the sport that is watched world wide by billions! The first football league game is understood to have taken place over 100 years ago with more … Read more

An Infographic Look At UEFA Euro 2012

The 2012 European Championships was watched by millions of people all over Europe and the rest of the world, as football fans tuned in to see how their national team fared against the best in Europe. Whilst you might argue that Euro 2012 wasn’t the most exciting international tournament there has ever been, it was … Read more

Funny Quotes from John Terry Trial

Following some of the Journos on Twitter has brought up some funny quotes that have been said during the John Terry Racism trial, here’s just a few: Crown to Ashley Cole: ‘You used to play for Arsenal, the crowd doesn’t make any noise at the Emirates do they?’ Terry: ‘My mum dated a man from … Read more

Pepe Reina as an Air Steward

He may not have had too much to do at Euro 2012 but it seems he certainly had his part to play on the flight home from Euro 2012. Check out this YouTube video of Pepe Reina performing the safety instructions on the plane.

Poland Official Euro 2012 Song – Koko Euro Spoko

Check out Poland’s Official song for the Euro 2012 Football Championships. The song was chosen as the winner of a competition in Poland to choose the official song of the championships and is sung by a group called Jarzebin, the song is called Koko Euro Spoko, the youngest woman in the group is 32 and … Read more

10 Mad Thing Mario Balotelli Has Done

In all of football, and perhaps in all of professional sport, there is no athlete quite as bonkers as Mario Balotelli. The Italian striker who stars for Manchester City has provided football fans and tabloids alike with enough batty material to fill a career. Here are ten of his maddest moments. The Backheel Against the … Read more

Blackburn Rovers Chicken Ad

Those chicken pluckers from India have come up with a great advert which involves the Blackburn squad, bet the players loved making this!